Website design/develop.

A website is a collection of publicly accessible, interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name. Websites can be created and maintained by an individual, group, business or organization to serve a variety of purposes. Together, all publicly accessible websites constitute the World Wide Web.

A website or web site is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.

  • Wider Demographic Reach
  • Business Credibility
  • Around-The-Clock Availability
  • Consumer Convenience
  • Fosters Customer Rapport
  • Competitive Opportunity
  • Targeted Marketing
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Planning Strategy.

Building a website without a plan is like constructing a building without blueprints. ... Planning your website ahead of time will give it clear direction as well as prevent missed d eadlines and backtracking. If you are a web designer working with clients, then this guide will help both of you to plan properly.